Saturday, October 23, 2010

Everything But The Kitchen Sink:

Let  me break it down like a fraction. Leonardo da Vinici said "Art is never finished, only abandoned.". Let's just say I've abandoned a lot of art in my life. Some times going back to claim that art at your "lost and found" claims location is difficult at the best of times. Many times you'll look for inspiration in others or nature. True inspiration is internal. Looking at one's soul and finding the art inside yourself. Maybe a faint smile or a certain set to the eyes?

I'm certainly not da Vinici but I certainly believe everyone has a little of the da Vinici spirit in them. I'm taking my spirit to the great north west to the tiny town of Port Townsend for JournalFest sponsored by Teesha Moore,only a short drive from a certain coven of vampires. I'm not sure that I'll suddenly start to sparkle in the sun light but I'm sure I'll be visiting my lost and found department to find some shiny art treasures I left behind.

(This is My Trade for Journal Fest)

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